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Challenges to Undertake

I explored many websites and apps to see what has already been done with this medium and its services.

After trying many apps, I realize that almost all the apps are built in Unity, a game engine that…

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An incident that happened not many moons ago with my mother and me led me to write this small piece.

My mother is a housemaker who didn't have advanced education.
She has basic education, in her mother-tongue, which is certainly, not English.

Some day back, We found ourselves sitting at our dining table, I was working on my product study, and she was forwarding messages to her friends on Whatsapp.
After some time…

Usability insights gathered for designing AR apps

Cover image which showcases stages of AR apps.
Cover image which showcases stages of AR apps.

For some time, I wanted to explore this new medium of interaction, understand its UX implications, and see how we can design an AR or Augmented Reality experience.

During the lockdown Phase of 2020, I have spent a few months researching, reading, analyzing this new form of interaction, and all of those efforts led me to create an AR-based mobile application; thanks to Unreal Engine 4 and ARCore, called SpaceNest AR to understand what it means to operate in an AR environment and how we can develop it.

To understand its UX implications, I have tested this app and its…

Cruising forward in an Uncertain Year

When the Year started, it started with so much hope, thoughts, and stuff we all wanted to do; as the Year Progresses, certain things came to light.
And We were re-introduced to the new lifestyle we never thought would be possible.

We all were confined to our house and left wondering, Now, What Next?

Despite all things that happened around us, This was also the busiest year of my life. I started, learned, and actually finished doing so many things.

And now, at the time of writing this, We are closing this Unforgettable Year and, through this Medium Story, I…

This is what we do daily — Waiting, but why some waiting seems bearable and okay and other not so much?

As it turns out, The experience of the waiting depends on the various factors. One of those factors is the context of it. The wait of 5 minutes is nothing when we are waiting for our…

Design Thinking — A buzzword with so many variants available, no one knows which ones are actually true.

Despite having the word Design in it, it is a process that is implemented, not only in Design but in other fields as well — Be it, Art, Music, Engineering, Literature.

A Process that is adopted by all the major companies — Apple, General Electronics, IBM, Fidelity, Infosys, Intuit, MassMutual, more. And Design institutes spending time and resources defining different versions of the same and naming it something else.

So what actually is Design Thinking? There are various and numerous versions available…

How a story should be crafted — Thoughts by Aristotle

The story is a part of our everyday life. It plays a vital role in our growth and development. Stories help to develop imagination by introducing new ideas into their world — ideas about fantastical worlds, other planets, different points in time and invented characters. It’ll encourage the children to realize that they can, and should, imagine anything they want.

If you google Storytelling. This comes up as a first result:

Storytelling describes the social and cultural activity of sharing stories, sometimes with improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment.

It means, that…

During Adobe MAX 2019, Adobe did dropped a bomb on their consumers by introducing the butt-load of new features that accelerates the work-flow in Adobe XD significantly.

Those who don’t know about Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a powerful, collaborative, easy-to-use platform that helps you and your team create designs for websites, mobile apps, voice interfaces, games, and more. — Adobe

New Features — Adobe XD November 2019 Update

1. CoEditing — beta

It allows you and other designers to work together on a same XD document at once in real-time.

2. Document history

Starting now, Adobe XD lets you check the previous version of your XD File so that you can check how your…

Do you think it is hard to select a gift for a friend? Try Design Thinking


I always wanted to visit a Design-related workshop, always able to find some excuse not to attend. But this time, I made a promise to myself that I have to attend it, no matter what happens.

So, last Saturday I found a Design Thinking workshop organized by FLIPR.

This workshop was the part of FLIPR’s UX/UI Training camp in which they provide knowledge of UX Design and its implied methodologies to the people of all disciplines.

Location was far, but I made it just…

So in the first part of the Story, I talked about the initial issues of participation in the GameJam.

This time I’ll focus on the development cycle and fun we had during that time and the ultimate result of all that intense struggle.

Ankit Passi

UX Designer | 3D Generalist. Exploring Design and everything it touches.

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