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  • Jonathan Thornburg

    Jonathan Thornburg

    A lifelong gamer and movie buff, I love sharing my views with the world! Come by and hang out for a while! Visit me on Twitter @leftstick!

  • Alexia Mandeville

    Alexia Mandeville

    game designer | writing about game design, product leadership, and virtual worlds | www.alexiamandeville.com | twitter: @lexiamandeville

  • John “TheWingless” Burnett

    John “TheWingless” Burnett

    Award-winning UI UX Designer, Art Director and 1-on-1 UI Artist Career Coach| www.thewingless.com

  • Facebook Design

    Facebook Design

    Designing for the global diversity of human needs.

  • Dirk Buelens

    Dirk Buelens

  • Josh Bycer

    Josh Bycer

    Josh Bycer is the owner of Game-Wisdom and specializes in examining the art and science of games. He has over seven years of experience discussing game design.

  • Kat (Pixel a Day)

    Kat (Pixel a Day)

    I (Kat) have a PhD in psychology but I’ve decided I would rather rant excitedly about games instead. I make video essays and write blog posts and articles. ​

  • Juliann F

    Juliann F

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