I guess I belong to the "Expert" and "Super" category because I seriously feel I'm still under qualified or lacking *something* that all the good researcher have and I have to prove myself to the world somehow that a self-taught designer can be a good researcher as well.

As you've rightly pointed out, when our work consists of 90% questioning about everything, it's real hard to not question ourselves as well and this is starting to get reflected in how I present my work to everyone.

To help myself, I tries to empty my brain and tend to write whatever I'm questioning myself about and upon successful "empty exercise", I reiterate about what I know and tries to answer every question one by one, this usually takes a while, but eventually each question gets an answer and somehow it helps me regain the lost confidence that I DO KNOW STUFF, it's just hidden somewhere in the brain and then this exercises goes on and on and on

Not a foolproof method, but it helps

Thanks for sharing this amazing read!

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